Weberneedle® Compact

External irradiation of pain areas and acupuncture points with up to 12 different lasers simultaneously. 

In the USA Weberneedle® Compact is indicated to provide topical healing for the following:

  • Temporary increase of local blood circulation.
  • Temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pains, and stiffness.
  • Temporary relaxation of muscles.
  • Temporary relief of muscle spasms.
  • Temporary relief of minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.

Weberneedle® Compact Laser

The Weberneedle® Compact Laser is CE and FDA approved. It is market leading in the field of Low-Level Laser Therapy.

The modular design allows an upgrade of up to 12 different laserswiththe following treatment options:

Experience the latest generation of high-performance laser modules 

Our lasers stand out due to a precise and strong light propagation. High output powers guarantee optimal and sustainable treatment results.  

Available laser modules

The Weberneedle® Compact Laser uses special fiber optics and extremely powerful laser diodes with high focus intensity that break through the skin barrier. Each laser has different penetration depths and produces different biological effects.

The machine can be equipped with the following modules according to your requirements:

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Smart technology – Stay flexible

The laser modules are not incorporated into the machine but attached externally to a rotatable and massive stainless steel attachment. 

This modular setup allows you to equip the machine individually. You can modify or extend it anytime. 

High-quality materials  

Our laser devices stand out due to high quality standards. 

The laser modules deliver high reliability and consistency. Each machine has a control unit that allows you to measure the output.  

Only highly elastic and almost wear-free materials are used to manfacture our quartz fiber optics. This guarantees a long service life.  

Easy handling

Use our adhesive applicators (Weberneedle® lasertubes) to stick the so-called laserneedles onto the patient’s skin.

Optionally, our other applicators (e.g.laser showers, head applicator) help you to attach the laserneedles at the desired location.  

Touch screen for intuitive handling

Select each laser module separately via the touch screen. The following parameters can be set according to your needs:    

  • Flexible regulation of laser power (1-100%)
  • Free adjustment of frequencies or selection of one of the preinstalled frequencies (Bahr, Nogier, Reininger)
  • Individual setting of treatment duration

Presentation of the Weberneedle® Compact Laser  

Weberneedle® Compact is a modular 12-channel laser system for external laser irradiation of pain areas and acupuncture points.  

Topics: On/off mode, activation of laser modules, set duration of treatment (1-60 Mins.), power (1-100%) and frequency, information on laser technique  


The Weberneedle® Compact allows up to 12 laserneedles to enter the tissue simultaneously.

In the context of laserneedle acupuncture, the needle-like fiber ends are not inserted into the skin like conventional acupuncture needles but affixed onto the skin with Weberneedle® adhesive applicators.

This facilitates an effective and pain-free stimulation of acupuncture points.  

With the help of the Weberneedle® applicators you can also treat deep areas of pain and symptoms in the mouth region or on the skin. 


Numerous studies have been published on external Low-Level Laser Therapy over the last years. Please click here for a selection of studies. 

Benefits for yourself and your patients

  • No side effects or risk of infection.
  • Suitable for pain-sensitive patients and children.
  • Time-saving: Up to 12 acupuncture points or areas of pain are stimulated simultaneously.
  • The therapy covers a broad range of applications with clinically proven effects.
  • Combination of different lasers for multiple treatment options tailored to the patient.

Technical properties

Input power:

85-265V – 1,0A 47/63Hz

Safety class:

class 1

Laser class:


Number of laser channels





16.4 cm 

Width (incl. handle):

49.2 cm

Width (without handle):

40 cm


30 cm 


7.5 Kg