Accessories for the Weberneedle® Compact Laser

Our applicators allow you to irradiate the skin with up to 12 different lasers at the same time. These applicators can be ordered directly from us:

Tel.: +49 (0) 52 73 / 36 77 8 - 0  

Fax: +49 (0) 52 73 / 36 77 8 - 19 


Weberneedle® Lasertubes (disposable)  

Adhesive silicon applicators for the fixation of laserneedles onto the skin. 

Simply attach the applicators to the laserneedles. Thanks to the adhesive surface they can be easily fixed to the desired body part.

Weberneedle® Body Laser Shower

Applicator for up to 16 laserneedles for external application. 

The laser shower as such does not contain any lasers. The white bottom part has 16 holes for the laserneedles of the Weberneedle® Compact laser. Use the turquoise top to close the shower. The dense arrangement of laserneedles enables an intense irradiation of affected body areas.  

Weberneedle® Mouth Laser Shower

For intraoral or dermatological treatments.

The applicator holds up to 5 laserneedles and can be used for external irradiation of smaller body areas.