The difference

Why we are different:

The Weberneedle® Compact is the CE- and FDA-approved market leader worldwide:

  • Modular design with different upgrade options
  • Combination of all available laser wavelengths (red, infrared, green and blue laser)
  • New: Red lasers with up to 100 mW
  • New: Green lasers with up to 50 mW
  • New: Blue lasers with up to 60 mW
  • Innovation: First yellow laser (with up to 50 mW) worldwide
  • Red laser for the treatment of near-surface points and areas
  • Infrared laser for the treatment of deep points and areas, proven and effective with capability to penetrate bones in treating deep osteoarthritis, spinal syndromes and intracerebral diseases (stroke, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's) à a new study recently published in „Photomedicine and Laser Surgery“ in the U.S. showed a reduction of amyloid deposits in the brain, while a new neurophysiologic study from Germany showed excellent effects on the motor cortex of the brain
  • Green lasers for irradiation of superficial points
  • Blue lasers for dermatological and photodynamic therapy
  • Only Weberneedle® devices have a certified catheter technology (fiber-optic needles) for interstitial or -articular treatment: Recent studies have shown excellent effects in advanced osteoarthritis, severe degenerative disc and spinal damage and stenosis
  • Interstitial laser therapy with additional fiber optic catheters of different lenghts (4 to 12cm) in osteoarthritis and spinal syndromes now possible
  • The Weberneedle® Compact offers multiple possibilities for your clinic and opens up numerous highly attractive private and self-pay services.


The Weberneedle® Endolaser is the marketleader, CE-certified and currently used in over 30 countries. Its modular design allows an easy upgrade with 12 different lasers with peri– and intraarticular treatment options:

  • Classical application for intravenous irradiation of blood with 5mW (red, green, infrared, blue, yellow) lasers
  • Extended use for interstitial and intraarticular treatments to regenerate nerves and cartilage tissue in spinal syndromes and advanced osteoarthritis disorders with a max. of 20mW (red, infrared) lasers
  • Local photodynamic therapy for treatment of skin diseases like acne, rosacea, keratosis and basal cell carcinoma with 5-aminolevulinic acid
  • Dental and oral cavity treatments like gingivitis, aphthous, ulcers and herpes simplex with special applicators