The Products

Weberneedle Basic / Compact / Mobile

The system for external laser therapy (pain management, rehabilitation, laser acupuncture, interstitial and intra-articular therapy, dermatology, dentistry, cosmetics, etc.) in 3 different versions:

Weberneedle Basic
Weberneedle Compact
Weberneedle Mobile

Brand new: The Weberneedle Combi-Laser-System

Laserneedle- acupuncture as well as external, transcranial and interstitial/ intraarticular lasertherapy with high- power lasers (100mW), unrivaled power density and maximal penetration depth as well as intravenous low- power laser application within one device

Configuration example:

Weberneedle Combi-Laser-System

with 6 high-power lasers (3x 100 mW Red laser and 3x 100 mW Infrared laser) 

and 3 low-power-lasers (5 mW red, green und blue laser)

All units include the same and unique technical features:

  • Up to 12 simultaneous lasers
  • Combination of red, infrared, green and blue lasers
  • High Performance with strong infrared laser (100 mW), which guarantees a greatly increased depth of penetration and bone penetration (intracerebral disease, joint arthritis, spinal injuries, cartilage and bone diseases)
  • Weber Medicals unique design places the laser diodes external to the device it can be extended any time as we develop the technology and create new wavelengths and thus it becomes future-proof
  • Applications for interstitial laser therapy include the patented Weberneedle catheter technology (herniated discs, spinal stenosis, chronic nerve damage)
  • Possibility to use intra-articular therapy for advanced osteoarthritis (knee and shoulder joints) with the Weberneedle catheter technology
  • Use of transcranial therapy of cerebral stroke and degenerative diseases (eg Alzheimer's, Parkinson's)
  • Programmable frequencies on all channels, also a range of preset frequencies, including Noget and Bahr.
  • Flexible adjustment of laser power (0-100%)
  • Use of highly flexible and durable quartz fibers.
  • Due to the industrial production of the laser fiber coupling, we achieve high accuracy of performance on all channels
  • Optional: Replacement and expansion by changing the laser modules
  • Convenient operation using a touch-screen display

Weberneedle Endolaser

Device for the intravenous laser irradiation of blood and internal laser therapy:

  • The world's first certified system for internal laser therapy
  • Combination of red, green, blue and infrared lasers
  • Up to 12 independently programmable laser channels
  • All frequencies available
  • Also suitable for intra-articular treatment of advanced osteoarthritis (knee and shoulder joints) and interstitial treatment of spinal syndromes with Weberneedle catheter technique


Weberneedle Lasershower Body

  • Can be used with up to 12 laser needles
  • High-energy radiation area
  • Particularly effective for arthritic disorders, pain syndromes or wound healing
  • Comes with a rollable stand, which is also included so that the shower can be fixed at the patient's body, so manually holding is no longer necessary

Weberneedle Lasershower Mouth

  • Can be equipped with up to 5 Laserneedles
  • Irradiation of the mouth and throat is possible
  • Suitability for the dental and ENT
  • Transcutaneous blood irradiation possible intraorally

Weberneedle Head

  • Adapter for fixing the laser needles on the skull and ear
  • Includes 12 needle holders with different lengths
  • Treatment can be performed in sitting or lying position