The Principle

The importance of lasers in medicine is being increasingly recognized as there are hundreds of research papers published each year

In addition to the well known use of lasers for surgical purposes (hard laser) the soft laser is being seen as of equal importance. The introduction of our modern multi-channel laser systems (up to 12 independently programmable lasers) in 2001 caused a revolution in the medical laser therapy, also the highly focused laser (Laser needles) provide a large increase in penetration depths and furthermore through a combination of different laser wavelengths (red, infrared, green and blue laser) reparative effects of a great variety can be achieved in the tissue. Weber Medical is committed to research and technical development of the laser and as a result it can now also be applied directly within damaged tissue, to specifically allow the treatment of normally highly treatment-resistant symptoms, this is a much more effective treatment option for conditions like spinal injury, herniated discs, joint arthrosis, etc.
The use of our intravenous laser therapy device (Laser treatment of blood) leads to a general energizing, immune enhancing and metabolic optimization and thus offers a very successful way to treat a variety of intractable diseases.The clinical effects are well documented in many studies and as a result Weber Medical now has sold over 800 devices in 30 countries.

Pain-free application of the external laser therapy
Pain therapy using our special applicators
Intra-articular treatment
Interstitial laser therapy
Intravenous laser therapy